Dream. Design. Build.


Space and infrastructure are expensive, creating barriers for marginalized entrepreneurs and community activities. Building materials are emissions intensive and financial resources are limited.

Modular building with reclaimed materials

We create high-quality, high-value, low-emissions spaces and products from waste-stream and reclaimed materials to design a modular building system based on shipping container architecture and activate urban spaces in close collaboration with stakeholders to address social, economic and environmental priorities of the community. Using “retired” shipping containers as modular steel building blocks, equipping them inside and out with (mostly) reclaimed materials available locally.

Our goal is to “own” the up-cycled product market in Switzerland and demonstrate the possibilities of mass-production using closed-loop design and production methods.

This is an experiment. Our aim is to establish a sustainable collaborative community in transitional urban spaces. Our strategy is to combine best practices from lean startup and social entrepreneurship approaches to address stakeholder interests, challenges and opportunities throughout the materials value chain.

We aspire to offer to the Swiss community what Market 707 has cultivated in Toronto. Have a look: